Yulianti Lost 23 Kg Thanks to Oatmeal and Fruits


She had tried various diet methods to lose her weight, but Yulianti (27) felt that she failed many times. And of course that was with a reason since she who weighed 80 kg (176.37 pounds), didn’t see any weight changes.

Then, she tried other way, by changing her diet consistently. It took two years for Yulianti to lose 57 kg (125.6 pounds). Although it took a long time, she still felt satisfied with the result. So, how did Yuli change her diet? She shared her tips to detikHealth:

I started to diet four years ago, but my diet plants never worked and I ended up failing. It was probably because I liked to eat a lot and worked out rarely. I ever tried to drink diet pills, I did lose my weights in three months, but I felt sluggish and often got sick.

Yulianti (detikHealth)

After that, I tried other ways to lose weights. The last two years, I tried to change my diet. For breakfast, I ate oatmeal and fruits. For lunch, I ate my usual menu. While for dinner, I kept eating by with smaller portions.

However, I limited my dinner only until 6 pm. After that, I didn’t eat anymore and when I was hungry, I only drank mineral water. Besides changing my diet, once a week, I did gymnastic since I only liked the exercise. Thank God, I lost weight little by little. I feel glad because by changing my diet, I am finally able to wear my favorite dresses. I don’t feel sluggish and rarely get sick.

I still like to eat fried foods and snacks, but I limit the numbers. I still follow my healthy diet, not because I want to lose weights, but to keep my health.

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