With Mung Bean Porridge, Ari Lost 48 Pounds

weight loss

Ari Kurniawan (23) can easily gain weight since he was a little. And as he got older, unhealthy habits such as at a lot of foods and snacks, and didn’t like to work out, made his weight reached 84 kg (185 pounds). He finally decided to change his lifestyle, so he could get more proportional weight. He changed his diet and worked out vigorously. Then, he lost 22 kg (48 pounds) in 5 months. He shared his story to detikHealth:

When I was a kid, I was fat. I ate uncontrollably, I used to snack and didn’t like to exercise. So, I gained 84 kg. With this weight, I didn’t have confidence and didn’t feel comfortable moving around. Then, I was determined to lose weights and had more proportional body. I tried to lift weight several times, but I failed since I was inconsistent and lack of motivation.

weight loss
Ari Kurniawan (detikHealth).

Until I found out a fitness center opened near my boarding. I felt excited to start over my diet that was being postponed that time. I was jogging for 30 minutes in the morning before having my breakfast. Then, in the afternoon, I lifted weights in the gym for 60 minutes.

Sometimes, I didn’t run in the morning, so I added cardio and HIIT Training when I lifted weight in the afternoon. In a week, I worked out 3-4 times.

Besides exercising, I also maintained my diet by eating 5 times a day with smaller portions. I reduced my rice intake and ate more vegetables. I also ate less foods that contained high saturated fat and salty foods.

For breakfast, I consumed mung beans porridge without coconut milk, then at 10 am I ate fruits or nuts as my snacks. For lunch, I ate a bit carbohydrates and vegetables. I chose potatoes or tubers as sources of carbohydrate. And, for dinner, I ate more protein from chicken breast and eggs. I had my dinner before 7 pm.

After I did this program consistently for 5 months, I finally could reduce my weights to 62 kg (136.6 pounds). After I lose my weight, I felt lighter, more confident and that I had more energy. Having ideal body apparently was not just a dream for me.

To maintain my weight, I keep exercising 3 or 4 times a week and I eat a lot vegetables and less carbohydrates.

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