With Lemon and Infused Water, Rini Lost 18 Kg

lemon infused water for diet

At 36 year old, Rini Stefany (36) realized that she should maintain her health to avoid sickness. Moreover, she gained her weight after giving birth her second kid. Her weight was 85 kg. She finally tried to take care of her own children as a form of physical activity. In that way, she could exercise without have to reduce her calories intakes drastically.

She used lemon water and infused water as weapons for her diet. The result, she managed to lose 57 kg. Rini shared her story to detikHealth:

lemon infused water for diet
Rini Stefanny (detikHealth).

After giving birth to my second child, my weight kept increasing and finally reached 85 kg. But, I didn’t want to reduce my calories intake drastically, so I needed another diet methods.

I tried to keep breastfeeding and took care of my two children all by myself. In my opinion, by doing these activities, I actually was exercising as well. I tried not to reduce my eating.

But apparently, it worked. When my second child was one year old, my weight was 60 kg. I lost 25 kg. After that, I kept trying to find new ways. I consumed fruits rich in nutrition. I chose lemon water and lemon infused water. At first, I did this to heal my stomach ulcer.

However, there was another benefit that I got by doing this. My weight loss gradually, and now it’s stable on 56-57 kg.

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