With Honey and Cinammon, Erni Lost 15 Kg


At 23 years old, Erni Mulyani confessed that she liked traveling and took selfies. But, these past years, she saw on her selfies that she gained weights. Felt embarrassed, she decided to diet with some unique recipes.

Erni used natural ingredients such as cinnamon and honey to lose her weights. She managed to reduce her weights from 64 kg to 49 kg. So, how did she do that? Here is the story quoted from detikHealth:

cinnamon, kayu manis

I started to diet when I saw on my selfies that I gained weights. I tried various diet methods from slimming pills and drinking jamu. But, they didn’t work.

At that time, I heard about OCD and I tried it. As it was suggested on OCD, I skipped my breakfast, while I used to have breakfast at my office. My boss asked me if I was on a diet. I said yes and I was doing OCD, so I skipped my breakfast. She said that she disagreed with the method because it would harmful for digestion.

Then, she told me that even I was on a diet, I shouldn’t skip my breakfast. She suggested that I should try diet using honey and cinnamon. Besides it’s natural, honey and cinnamon are good for body. I searched information on the internet to find out the truth.

Here is my recipe:

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, soaked with 1/2 glass of hot water. Wait until it is warm and mixes one tablespoon of honey.

Drink it in the morning before eating and in the night before sleeping. I also combined the recipe with healthy diet and exercise. My exercise was simple, I jogged in the morning for 30 minutes and jumped rope for 20 minutes. The result, I lost 15 kg in two months after I regularly consumed cinnamon honey recipe, did regular exercise and healthy diet.

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