Wild Ginger (Kaempferia galanga) to Help Gain Weight

Natural wealth of Indonesia is amazing. Certain plants can be mixed to help us loss weight naturally and without side-effects. In other sides, for people who are underweight, there is a home remedy to help them gain weight naturally.

“To gain weight, we can use wild ginger because it can enhance our appetite,” said Retno, Jamu ice-cream entrepreneur in Matraman, Central Jakarta to detikHealth.

Wild ginger (temulawak or Curcuma xanthorhiza Roxb) is quite popular herb in Indonesia. This herb is known for its various benefits, from reduce arthritis pain to maintain stamina so we can stay healthy.

Another benefit is to help us gain weight because its essential oil content can stimulate appetite. If you were losing your appetite, you would gain it after you drank wild ginger concoction. Once you regain your appetite, you can gain your weight gradually.


Another home remedy that we can use to gain weight naturally is Jamu Paitan. This concoction is named from Javanese word, paitan, which means bitter.

Just as its name, this concoction has bitter flavor because it contains sambiloto. But, more than its bitter flavor it has various benefits from enhance appetite to reduce cholesterol level.

Paitan can also stimulate appetite,” said Lasmi, Chief of Jamu Gendong Lestari Association.

How to make wild ginger juice:

Prepare these ingredients:

-100 gram of wild ginger (Curcuma xanthorhiza Roxb)

-40 gram of Tamarind

-200 milliliters hot water

-200 gram palm sugar

-4 pandan leaves

-20 gram of cumin

-50 gram of aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga L)

-2 liters of water


-Cut aromatic ginger and wild ginger into small pieces.

-Then, roast them.

-Boil wild ginger and aromatic ginger with Tamarind and water. After that, blend them with blender.

-Boil palm sugar and pandan leaves.

The final step is mixing the blend with the sugar. You can make up to six glasses of wild ginger juices.

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