Whiten Your Underarm With Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Most people are familiar with coconut. Every part of this plant, from its fruit, leaves and tree can be used. That’s why people call it as multipurpose plant. Coconut meat itself can be used to make coconut milk, coconut oil or can be processed directly into various foods. But, did you know that it can be used as natural remedy for dark underarm?

Dark underarm is one of various things that can ruin our appearances, especially for ladies who like to use sleeveless. If they have dark underarm, they cannot move freely if they use sleeveless shirts.

Now, we can try to use coconut oil as a natural way to whiten our underarm. So, how do we use this oil to whiten our armpit?

coconut oil
Source: FoodMatters.tv

Before you take a bath, you can massage your underarm using coconut oil for at least 10-15 minutes. Then, you can take a bath as usual. The vitamin E content in coconut oil is good for hair and skin. It also can whiten your underarm. Using the oil regularly, it can also be used as natural deodorant. Get a bright underarm naturally with coconut oil.

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