White Turmeric to Treat Cancer

white turmeric

Herbal medicine now is an alternative of conventional medicine. Herbal is not only believed to cure regular diseases, but also to treat tumor and cancer. Eko Wahjuni had proven the benefit of herbal medicine for cancer. Wahjuni was a doctor who had cancers in her breasts, small intestines and bladder. She only consumed white turmeric to treat her cancers.

Wahjuni explained that white turmeric contains ribosome inactivating protein (RIP) substance. In body, this substance will attach to abnormal cells. Then, it will make sure that the abnormal cells will not grow, and eventually the cancer cells will die.

“White turmeric doesn’t kill, but it will stop the growth of cancer cells,” she explained to Health Kompas in Siloam Hospital, TB Simatupang.

white turmeric
White Turmeric

Wahjuni knows this plant from her ancestors. The benefit of white turmeric that she found, was observed by professors of medicine in Gajah Mada University (UGM). They extracted white turmeric and put the extracts in capsules. Then, Wahjuni will give the dosage to treat cancer. The dosage is given according to type of cancer and other medications that the patient has.

“But, it’s the prerogative right of the family, will they support the medication or not,” Wahjuni said.

Besides that, we cannot use just any white turmeric. The one that will be used for cancer medicine should be free of pesticide. White turmeric extract in capsules should be free from preservatives and monosodium glutamate. Other person who had proven the benefits of white turmeric to treat cancer was Betty Sitorus. She had suffered breast cancer. After she is free from cancer, she stops to consume white turmeric. But, she still tries to maintain her diet and lifestyle.

Besides white turmeric, there are other medicinal plants that can treat cancers like mahkota dewa, mengkudu (noni) and soursop leaves.

Wahjuni believed that God has created these medicinal plants with tremendous health benefits. “I believe that no matter how great medicine a human creates, what God created is still better,” she said.

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