White Turmeric Can Tighten Vagina

white turmeric

Turmeric has various benefits, especially white turmeric (curcuma alba) that is different with regular turmeric. White turmeric is considered a rare plant. It has pale white color and its shape is small round like goat manures.

Its rhizome has essential oil for about0.2 percent, which has benefit to decrease sweat smell and body odor. It also can remove poorly smell in vagina, removes mucus also prevents white blood decay that is caused by bacteria.

The color of its essential oil is flaxen and contains kampor, seniol, metalkafenol, saponin, flavanoid and polyphenol. Some traditional medicine experts said that white turmeric could be used as anti-cancer (neoplastic).

white turmeric
White Turmeric

Besides that, it is believed that it can help improving skin’s gland, bartholin’s gland,¬† overcoming dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) and help reducing menstrual pain. It also will restore mucous membrane’s flexibility, improves the sensitivity of nerves in vaginal prolapse/ pelvic organ prolapse, tighten pelvic floor muscles, tighten vagina, tighten pelvic and reduces mucus.

However, some opinions stated that white turmeric didn’t contain anti cancer substance (neoplastic). But, it controlled cancer indirectly as anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant (improves body immune system).

The rumor that white turmeric helps improving women’s sexuality apparently is not just a rumor. There was research from food and medicine experts from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Jogjakarta as well as research from supervision agency of medicine and jamu Indonesia General Hospital Sutomo, Surabaya.

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  1. I was never heard about this but I always use vagina tightening method from Masahor gunam on Facebook.

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