White Turmeric Can Help Healing Cancer

Herbal treatment is becoming alternative treatment for many people to heal their diseases. One of favorite herbal treatments is white turmeric to help healing cancer.

“White turmeric can help healing process from cancer because it contains derivative compound flavonoids and curcumin as antioxidants,” Dr Maksum Radji, MBiomed,Apt, Chairman of Research of Natural Ingredients Association when contacted by detikHealth.

Dr Maksum explained that the benefits of white turmeric to fight cancer cells was still limited to in vitro research ( laboratory) and hadn’t been tested clinically. But, white turmeric had been being used as alternative medicine for cancer.

In vitro research was done by doing bioactivation test. Cancer cells were grown on laboratory and were given certain white turmeric concentrate. The cancer cells were dead after that. The scientist also found that white turmeric was more effective to kill cancer cells than Mahkota Dewa.

In 2009, there was research done by one of cancer hospitals in Indonesia. Around 30-40 percent of cancer patients were given herbal treatments with white turmeric. The natural treatment was combined with modern treatment such as chemotherapy or other treatment.

After doing this combined treatments, some cancer patients claimed that they felt some improvement in their health. This research was clinical testimony research. “Theoretically time that is needed to conduct research about cancer medicine is about 10-15 years. Of course it goes through certain stages such as in vitro, pre clinical, test to patients and the last test to some medical centers in some countries,” the lecturer in Pharmacy School at the University of Indonesia said. The biggest obstacle was money because it needed a lot of money for research. Besides that, it’s not easy to calculate the right formula for human.

Meanwhile, American Institute of Cancer reported that white turmeric could be used to prevent cancer. Antioxidants that were found in medicinal plant could prevent the damage in deoxyribonucleate. Genetic damage was one of risk factors that cause cancer. Compounds that were found in white turmeric were useful for anti inflammation drug.

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