What You Should Know about Diabetic Diet

Many people think that people with diabetes must eat special foods and always follow eat pattern or a complex programmed diet. This assumption is not always correct because the main purpose of diabetic diet is to maintain blood glucose on normal limit. And because of that, it’s very important for people especially who suffer diabetes to know food effects to our blood glucose. Thus, diabetic diet should include regular foods, and a balance diet consists from nutritious foods without to leave delicious foods.

For most people, suffer diabetes means to change eat pattern from various balance foods and to change regular eating schedule. If for all this time, you already have good eating schedule and healthy diet plans, you don’t need to change them to keep having normal blood sugar level.

To have diabetic diet, suggested foods should be rich fiber foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits. As variations, you still can eat your favorite foods and you can also try some foods that you never eat before. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t reduce the calorie intake because it will cause a very low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia), and also don’t eat too many foods that can make your diabetes worse.

Many people with diabetes fight to survive by maintain ideal body weight, but on researches, experts showed that it wouldn’t help control blood sugar level.

Nutritionists and medical personnel said that there is no special diet plan for people with diabetes, but they need to follow nutritional advice on their diet plan. It can be done by giving special attention on carbohydrate intake. And it would be better if people with diabetes consult their diet plan with nutritionists and medical personnel. It is because diabetic diet should be adjusted with each person, where each person has different body condition.

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