What Are Side-effects of Cinnamon?

cinnamon, kayu manis

Cinnamon is used to treat several health problems. However, since each person has different health problem, he can experience different effects when he consumes cinnamon. The right dosage as well as recommendation from health workers will help prevent unwanted side-effects from this spice.

According to myhealthbynature.com, people with certain conditions should avoid to consume cinnamon because there are some side-effects that can cause bad effects to their health conditions.

First reason to avoid this spice is when you have stomach problems. If you consume cinnamon with wrong dosage, it will make stomach ulcer or other irritation in stomach worsen. Besides that, people who have problems with their kidneys should not consume this spice excessively because cinnamon can be toxic.

People usually use cinnamon as spice for foods or as traditional medicine to treat certain diseases. If you are on medication and consume blood thinner, it will be better to stop to use cinnamon because it contains anti-clogging and can strengthen the effects of blood thinner.

And for people who will undergo any surgery, they should stop consuming cinnamon in any form when the surgery schedule is near. Cinnamon might affect the way the blood clots and can cause excessive bleeding during surgery.

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