Weight Loss Drugs, Friend or Foe?

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Most people have a dream to have ideal body shape. Not only it has aesthetic value, but it also has medical value. Weight gain and increased waist circumference proportional with incidences of various degenerative diseases, for instance heart attack, diabetes and stroke. That’s why, to maintain a healthy weight is a wise option. The problem is there are people who like to take a shortcut by trusting ¬†weight loss drugs or supplements.

In medicine, weight loss drug cannot be recommended easily for patients. Its usage depends on certain indications. It should not be given to someone just because she or he is lazy to exercise or wants to be slim without has healthy diet.

To lose weight, there are some steps that people should do: maintain healthy diet with main purpose is to limit calorie intakes, exercise to burn excess calories. These two steps are fixed prices.

Weight loss drugs should only be given to people with obesity that should reduce their weights because they have serious health problems or cannot undergo diet program. As an addition, the criteria why they fail should be clear and detail that they were doing the program correctly, but something happened.

There is orlistat substance that is one of weight cutting agents. It works by hampering fat absorption in gut. Recently, orlistat is sold freely. However, it is ideally given by doctor prescription, consumed along with healthy diet, exercise and being more active.

Orlistat cannot replace healthy diet and exercise. Its usage also has some side-effects such as bloated stomach, heartburn, diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Other substance is chitosan that is extracted from shells of marine animals. It gives the same effect like orlistat. There are other synthetic products that have substances like benzphetamine, diethylpropion, phentermine with intention to reduce appetite and accelerate satiety. For most people, these substances give side-effects such as increase in blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia, dry mouth and constipation. These substances are drugs that have been proven scientifically.

Other drugs that often to consume and sold freely in the market are herbal extracts such as green tea, acai berry, lemonade. Those drugs can be considered traditional medicines or jamu.

Those herbal medicines give fewer side-effects than synthetic drugs. But extracting natural ingredients can make those traditional medicines not natural anymore.

As mentioned above, weight loss drugs are not suggested. However, if you still insist to use it with various reasons and considerations, there are a few tips. First, you should make sure that the drug is safe and registered in FDA.

Second, make sure you know the active substances and how they work and what the side-effects are. Last, make sure that the products are original. Long-term usage of drugs that you don’t know what the active substance and their benefits can potentially harm your liver and kidney.

Moreover, there are substances in certain diet pill that drain body fluids that are shown with frequent urination. For about 60 percent of our body is consisted of water.

That is why we lose our weight when we use this kind of drug, they drain our body fluids. Of course this is not what we want. The right way to lose weight is by reducing the fat not fluids.

Source: Dr. Roveny, Medan Bisnis Daily.

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