Vitamin D Therapy To Cure Asthma


Asthma is chronic disease caused by disorder in respiratory tract. Althought, it is claimed as a disease that cannot be cured, it doesn’t mean that there are no medicines to prevent its attacks. From various methods to prevent asthma symptoms, vitamin D therapy is one of effective methods. As quoted from, vitamin D deficiency is one of asthma causes.

Then, what is the relationship between vitamin D and asthma?

Vitamin D is a nutrition that is produced in body when it is exposed to the sunlight. So, someone will not get enough of vitamin D, if he isn’t exposed to the sunlight directly.


Researchers believed that vitamin D was one of important factors to prevent asthma attacks. This conclusion was based on research that revealed the tendency that people who suffered asthma were people who lacked of sunlight exposures.

Besides that, vitamin D can reduce inflammation that happens in body. That’s why they believed that this vitamin could be the effective therapy for asthma. Asthma attacks will happen when allergens attack cause inflammation in all tissues in respiratory tract.

But, when someone with asthma is exposed to the sunlight, then the risk of inflammation will be reduced. And, the asthma symptoms will be reduced as well.

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