Various Health Benefits of Secang / Sappanwood

Secang has been used by Javanese people as one of the ingredients to make wedang secang (secang drinks). Before it starts to be used widely, Secang drinks were only used as exclusive drinks for nobles and royal families. It is believed that wedang secang has various health benefits. Now, in the modern world, secang powder is sold in packages, so you can easily mix it to various drinks to improve your stamina and health.

Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) is a plant from Southeast Asia and can be found easily in Indonesia. In the archipelago, secang has various names such as seupeueng (Aceh), sepang (Gayo), sopang (Toba), lacang (Minangkabau), secang (Sunda), secang (Jawa), secang (Madura), sepang (Sasak), supa (Bima), sepel (Timor), hape (Sawu), hong (Alor), sepe (Roti), sema (Manado), dolo (Bare), sapang (Makasar), sepang (Bugis), sepen (Halmahera selatan), savala (Halmahera Utara), sungiang (Ternate), roro (Tidore), sappanwood (English), and suou (Japan). Its close relative, brazilwood (C. echinata) is used for the same things, detik Health wrote.

Chemical contents

Secang plants have various chemical contents such as brazilin, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, phenyl propane and terpenoids. Besides that, they contain gallic acid, brasilein, delta-α phellandrene, oscimene, resin, and resorcin. Whereas, their leaves contain an essential oil that smells good and colorless.

Health benefits

The pharmacological effects of secang plants are to stop bleeding, clean blood, as chelating, antidote and antiseptic. Secang plants can be used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, coughing up blood on tuberculosis (TBC), vomiting blood, syphilis, malaria, tetanus, swelling (tumor) and aches because of blood circulation disorders.
If you boil the wood, you can get red ivory color. It can be used as natural paint for webbing, cakes, drinks or as ink.

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