Using White Turmeric, Betty Sitorus Beat Breast Cancer

white turmeric

Betty Julinar Sitorus felt scared when she found out that she had breast cancer in 2003. Then, she was undergoing cancer treatment in hospital and had her breasts removed when she was in Singapore.

But, after the surgery, the cancer wasn’t healed yet. It spread to lungs and ovary. However, Betty’s spirit to be healed was never extinguished. She finally met Eko Wahjuni, a doctor who suffered breast cancer. Eko suggested that Betty consumed white turmeric as alternative medicine for cancer. White turmeric will finally reduce cancer.

Her fights against cancer were written on a book title “Breastless, Perjalananku Berteman dengan Kanker”.

“I hope this book can be a guide for cancer patients. Besides that, I hope people who are healthy can understand cancer,” Betty said during the launching of her book in Siloam Hospital, TB Simatupang, Jakarta in August 2014.

white turmeric
White Turmeric

Besides consumed white turmeric, Betty also did chemotherapy. Betty also improved her spirituality. She believed that her prayers would be listened, so her cancer would be removed by God. According to Betty, the supports from people around her strengthened her to fight cancer.

In her book, Betty told her journey with her 4 best friends. Three of her 5 best friends, including Betty suffered cancers.

“But, one person already left us because cancer,” Betty said.

This book was written after Betty is free from cancer for 10 years.

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