Using Virgin Coconut Oil, Dentisna Managed to Lose 10 Kg in 3 Months

coconut oil

Most women in the world want to have ideal bodies. This Balinese girl, Ni Putu Dentisna Krisnayanti also had the same dream. To achieve her dream, she had to control her calorie intake. However, she managed to lose 10 kg of her weights in three months. She did that by doing low calorie diet, consumed Virgin Coconut Oil and practiced Zumba. Here, what she wrote to an online news detikHealth, Wednesday (13/8):

Having excessive weight is the common problem that women have. Moreover, if they were born in a family, which the members have slim bodies. Bullying is the common thing that I get. When my parents and family members are free to eat anything they want, I need to think about it over and over.

I had been trying almost every type of diet, but I mostly failed to lose my weight. I even gained 2 to 3 kg. This made me almost frustrated. But, now I manage to lose my weight by doing low-calorie diet, consume Virgin Coconut Oil and Zumba.

coconut oil

The first step that I did was calculate my body mass index (BMI), then I reduced my calories intake as much as 500 kcal. I also consumed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) one tablespoon before I ate. VCO could reduce appetite and also helped digestive system.

Besides that, I also practiced Zumba. I did the latin dancing exercise that is combined with fitness moves one hour in one session, 5 times a week. I did my diet for 6 days in a week. I had one free day where I was free to eat everything I wanted (I called it “free day”).

I managed to lose 10 kg in 3 months by doing the three habits regularly. Indeed, we cannot have beautiful, fit body instantly. We need sacrifice, hard work and discipline.

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