UGM Develops Natural Remedy for High Cholesterol

Samsung Nyawa

Research team from Faculty of Pharmacy UGM (Gadjah Mada University) Jogjakarta, Indonesia develops natural remedy made from sambung nyawa leaves (Akar Sebiak/ Gynura procumbens) and temulawak (Java Ginger/Wild Ginger/Curcuma zanthorrhiza) to reduce cholesterol levels in body.

“Combination of sambung nyawa leaves with temulawak is natural formula to reduce cholesterol in body. We try to synergize both,” Zullies Ikawati, the team coodirnator said to AntaraNews, Tuesday (11/3).

According to her, temulawak is well known to reduce cholesterol level, while Gynura procumbens can improve high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

“Sambung nyawa leaves are chosen as the basic ingredient for this formula not only because its flavonoid that is effective to reduce cholesterol, but also because it is easy to grow,” she said.

She said that the research process, which involved four lecturers of Faculty of Pharmacy of UGM already passed laboratory scale process to commercial stage.

Samsung Nyawa
Samsung Nyawa leaves.

“But, this formula still needs to pass some additional stages, so it can be marketed to the public. We still need to pass stability test and microbiology test,” she added. According to her, this herbal product will later be produced in the form of syrup in sachet packaging. The sachet packaging is chosen since it is more practical to be brought anywhere.

The formula, she said, is jamu product, so it is more to maintain health. Her party only uses the extracts of the two ingredients, while others are food coloring and food flavoring.“The plan is after it passes various process and licensing, the herbal product will be marketed in the beginning of 2015. We hope this product can be consumed by our society and can be an alternative of natural medicines,” she said.

She explained that high cholesterol level in blood could cause various diseases, among others are coronary heart and stroke. WHO (World Health Organization) said that there were 20 percent of people suffered stroke because high cholesterol levels in their bloods and 50 percent of coronary heart diseases were caused by high cholesterol level.

“Cholesterol actually is a substance that is needed by our body to carry fat and to produce hormone. But, high cholesterol level will inhibit blood circulation and can be a gate for various diseases,” she explained.





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