Two Indonesian Traditional Methods to Get Slim Abs


Most women want to have slim abs, but not many who are willing to exercise and maintain their diets to gain the abs they want. Indonesian women also have this kind of problem. So, what do they usually do to get slim abs?

There were many methods that Indonesian women used to get slim abs. Today, we share two common methods. One method requires you to apply a paste and use stagen. Stagen is a cloth that is wrapped on stomach just like corset.
The concoction is made from one teaspoon of kapur sirih (lime stone paste or slaked lime), one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil and one tablespoon of lime juice. To make the concoction you only need to mix all the ingredients until they become a thick paste. Apply the paste on your stomach and wait until they dry. After that, you can wrap your stomach using stagen or corset for all day long.


You can combine this with the second method. Make one cup of tea and mix it with lemon. Don’t add sugar or honey to the tea. And, drink it warm, don’t add any ice.

Unfortunately, there are no research yet to backup these two methods and to examine the scientific effects on these two methods. But, at least you know two traditional methods that are used by Indonesian women.

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