Turmeric Tamarind Juice to Treat Depression

home remedy to treat depression

Depression is a mental disorder that attacks body and mind. There are other terms for this disorder such as major depression, major depressive and clinical depression. It affects what you think, feel and also how you behave. Depression can cause various emotional and physical problems. You may have problems to do daily activities when you have depression and it can make you feel that your life means nothing. Most people who suffer depression ever thought about suicide.

This disorder is more than a sad feeling, depression cannot just go away. Sometimes, it’s chronic disease that usually needs long-term medication such as diabetes and hypertension. Many people feel better after they take medication, counseling or other medication.

So, what is the difference between stress, frustration and depression? While people think that the three are almost similar, but those conditions are actually different. Stress is when we have many burden or problems that eventually affect our feeling. For example, if we are asked to finish our jobs in three days, while there are many things we should do we could be stressed. While, depression is mental illness where our soul is not normal anymore. People with depression often to think about suicide. They also have a tendency to kill or harm others. Sometimes they could experience sudden mood swing from sad to happiness.

home remedy to treat depression

Someone usually doesn’t realize if he suffers depression especially when the disorder is mild one, which the symptoms are not that obvious. When depression becomes severe, he starts to find medication and drinks antidepressant drugs.

These drugs have various side-effects, so maybe it’s better to find other alternatives such as traditional medications. We can use some jamu based on turmeric such as Jamu Kunyit Asam (turmeric and tamarind) to reduce or prevent depression.

Turmeric is not only used by Indonesians as main ingredient of traditional medicine. Persian also used it to increase their moods. They used to mix it on their herbal tea or rice. There are at least two researchers that support the benefit of turmeric to fight depression. The first research came from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Shahin Akhondzadeh, author of the research found that turmeric has antidepressant effect that was better than fluoxentine that is found on Prozac. Turmeric makes brain produces more serotonin, a happiness hormone.

Another research published on Journal of Ethnopharmacology suggested that turmeric can increase serotonin level and another chemical in brain. This small research included 38 people to consume turmeric for six weeks and found that it was as effective as Fluoxetine drug (Prozac) to reduce depression symptoms. Participants also suffered fewer side-effects, such as sweating and sexual dysfunction, than they who consumed Prozac.

How to Make Jamu Kunyit Asam:


-250 gram of tamarind

-250 gram of turmeric

-20 gram of palm sugar

-one liter water

-0.5 gram of salt


Wash and grate or blend turmeric. Squeeze the pulp, so you can get its juice. Boil the rest ingredients (palm sugar, water, salt) with turmeric juice.

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