Popular Indonesian Traditional Medicine for Women

Dispensing and drinking Indonesian traditional medicine, jamu has been believed as a thousand years tradition since the periods of Hindu-Java kingdoms. It is proven by the existence of Madhawapura inscription from Majapahit that mentioned profession to dispense jamu as Acaraki. Jamu’s ingredients were taken from parts of plants in Indonesia such as roots, leaves, fruit, flower and bark. Then, the formulas were used by Indonesian ancestors to maintain health and beauty.

Later, jamu was known by Jogjakarta and Surakarta Palaces. Previously, these formulas were only limited to people who lived in the Palaces as secret and exclusive recipes. But, they started to teach ordinary people to make jamu.

Here are some traditional medicines for women, which the ingredients are taken from plants in Java. Even though, the formulas are simple, yet people here believe that they are powerful alternative medicines:

1. Cure acne

Ingredients: Potatoes

Slice potatoes thin. Don’t wash the slices to keep the sap intact. Then, put the slices on the acne and let them dry. After that, wash your face with cool water. Do these before you sleep. Besides potatoes, we can use cucumber to treat acne.

2. Moisten face

Ingredient: yeast

Mix yeast with water, then apply it on your face. Wait until your skin dry. Then, wash your face with lukewarm water and clean it with cool water. Besides yeast, we can use white egg or pure honey.


home remedy to ehance breasts
Areca nuts can be used to maintain breasts beauty.

3. Reduce menstrual pain

First ingredients: tea and enjet

Boil tea; refine it to get the water. Mix the water with enjet. Drink the concoction right before the menstruation.

Second ingredients: a slice of uncaria sap (gambir), two fingers of turmeric, and three leaves of betel, two tablespoons of water.

Crush all ingredients and mix with the water. Refine the concoction, so we can get the juice. Drink the juice two days before the menstruation.

4. Prevent miscarriage

Ingredients: two cups of dadap serep (Erythrina lithosperma) leaves, ten drops of gondoroso oil, 60 gram of aromatic ginger, and 20 gram of cumin leaves.

Grate aromatic ginger and crush cumin leaves. Crush dadap serep leaves to gain its juice. Then, mix all of these ingredients and drop the gondoroso oil. Then, apply the concoction to the stomach after you finish bathing.

5. Maintain breasts beauty

Ingredients: two areca nuts, ten lempuyang leaves, one teaspoon of salt. Crush areca nuts and lempuyang leaves, add salt. Then, squeeze them until we can get the juice. Apply the juice on breasts as mask. But, do not apply it on your nipples. Wait until it dries, then wash your breasts with warm water.


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