Top 5 Remedies for Toothache

garlic-home remedy for toothache

Toothache can cause an annoying pain and affects various parts of body. We can suffer headache, loss our appetite and feel very weak just because one of our teeth is in pain. Of course, if you have toothache that is too painful, more than you can handle you should visit your doctor.

But, for prevention or to deal with less painless toothache, you can try these home remedies:

1. Clove

Clove has anti-inflammation, antioxidant, anti-bacteria and anesthesia property that helps reducing toothache. Spray a bit of clove oil on cotton bud then paste the cotton bud on the tooth. Or you can mix a glass of water with a few drops of clove oil and use it to gargle.

2. Garlic

Garlic has antibiotic property and is very effective to reduce pain on our teeth. Smash one finger of garlic, add it with salt and mix them. Put the mixture on the toothache. Repeat this treatment for several days.

garlic-home remedy for toothache

3. Onion

Onion has antiseptic and antimicrobial property that can be used to control toothache. Take one finger of raw onion and chew it for several minutes to reduce the pain. If you don’t like to chew the onion, rub smashed raw onion on the tooth. It will help kill bacteria on mouth that cause the infection.

4. Guava leaves

Fresh guava leaves also can reduce toothache. Chew one or two guava leaves. Then, rub the paste on the tooth. Or you can boil one glass of water with 4-5 leaves of guava. Add salt and use it to gargle.

5. Pepper

This spice is very useful when you teeth are sensitive. Take pepper and salt in the same amount and mix them with a little water until they become a paste. Rub the paste directly on the tooth and let it for several minutes. Repeat this process for several days. This paste is suitable to handle cavities.These home remedies are suitable to treat light toothache. But, if you suffer unbearable toothache, you should go to see your doctor.


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