Toothache? Cure it with Clove


Clove has various health benefits. The spice with small size has curing effect. Traditionally, it is used as food seasoning with chili, cinnamon, turmeric, etc.

Besides that, clove oil is also used as an ingredient for perfume, soap, bath salt and flavoring for drugs. Clove helps stimulates slow circulation and improves digestion as well as metabolism. In traditional Chinese medicine, clove is used to treat nausea, stomachache and digestion problems.

If you are stressed, boil water with basil leaves, mint leaves and clove. Then, you can mix the water with black tea, and add honey as sweetener. This concoction can reduce emotional pressure. Here are some health benefits of clove oil, as quoted from Times of India:


Clove is used to reduce pain when someone has toothache. Clove is also helping reduce infection since it has antiseptic property. To use it, apply clove oil on the teeth.


Clove improves enzymes flow and improves digestion function. Clove can be used to treat various digestion disorders and dyspepsia. Lick clove powder that is mixed with honey can reduce vomiting and nausea. Certain contents in clove helps certain body’s parts anaesthetized, so it helps ┬áreduce stomachache and vomit.


Chew clove with salt can relieve breathing and reduces irritation on throat. Chewing toasted clove can cure cough effectively.


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