Tomatoes And Turmeric Facial Mask For Bright Skin

homemade turmeric mask recipes

There are a lot of beauty products that promise people to have brighten facial skins in days, but not all of them can keep up with their promises. Instead of wasting money on these kinds of products, it is better for us to try natural solution for this.

There are two natural ingredients that we can try: tomatoes and turmeric. Tomatoes are useful to make our skin smoother and healthier. While turmeric has skin lightening ingredient that can make facial skin brighter in short times.

homemade turmeric mask recipes
Turmeric Powder

We can use both of them as homemade facial mask. It’s actually easy to make the facial mask: blend tomatoes and turmeric powder until both become thick paste. ¬†Wash your face with water and apply the paste on your face. Wait for several minutes and wash your face with cold water.

For the best result, you should the facial mask every night before you sleep. And eventually you will get brighter skin.

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