This Natural Oil Can Heal Aches and Sores

Spices, and natural oils have been used for centuries for various purposes. Among others are for medicines, foods, and etc. One of pharmacy teachers at SMK Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo, Gatak, Central Java, Indonesia, Emi Darmastuti said that she finally found herbal rub medicine that can heal various diseases. It is made from natural ingredients and oils.

The diseases that can be healed by this herbal rub medicine are sores, aches, uric acid, rheumatism, etc. The rub medicine is made from combination of olive oil and cinnamon (cinnamomum verum). This oil is known to have various benefits for daily life.

“Initially, we were just browsing the internet to find various benefits of cinnamon. And because of that I wanted to improve the benefits and use it as rubbing oil. Apparently, the suitable combination for cinnamon is olive oil,” she said to

She then collaborated with another teacher, who the basic education was science analysis. Both of them then created this traditional oil. They soaked cinnamon in olive oil for two weeks, thus gained the health benefits.

The composition was 500ml of olive oil and 100 gram of cinnamon. “To make it, soak cinnamon in olive oil for two weeks, mix the concoction every day,” Emi said.

To use the oil, just rub it on the affected areas. You will feel aches when you rub the oil on the areas. According to her experience, the reaction was quite fast, at least for a minute. The aches then were gone.

Supardi, the principal of SMK Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo said that they didn’t have courage to mass produce the oil and sold it. It was because they knew the product was still in the early phase.

Besides that, another problem is on the ingredients. To make the oil, they needed a lot of ingredients and they were not cheap. Olive oil is imported oil in Indonesia and we don’t plant olive trees in Indonesia.

So, they only produced the oil in limited volumes. They sold it on car free day in Solo, Sukoharjo, Boyolali, Klaten etc. And he added that because the oil is natural oil, it couldn’t last longer. They needed to find natural preservatives to preserve the oil. They said that they were doing research to find the natural preservatives.

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