This Medan Student Found an Alternative Medicine for Diabetes

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Gita Adinda Nasution, third semester college student in Natural Science Department USU (University of North Sumatra, Indonesia) found a diabetes medicine Kolagit thanks to her persistence to cure her father who suffered diabetes since she was on elementary school.

Kolagit, in a form of brown powder, is made from sugar cane that is processed to stimulate body to produce insulin hormone. One box of Kalogit (800 gram) is sold for Rp150 k ($12.33).  She claimed that beside her father, Bisman Nasution who became her first patient, there were hundred patients that were healed after they consumed Kolagit in a few days.

“When I was at elementary school, my dad was diagnosed doctor with diabetes. My father was around 220 lb and he lost his weight slowly. His vision was blurring and he even needed to touch the wall to support him if he wanted to walk. At that time, my father’s blood sugar was 450,” Gita said in one interview with Tribun Medan.

After he was diagnosed with diabetes, Gita’s mother became protective about her husband’s diet. She only allowed him to consume potato and boiled tuber. “Seeing my father’s condition, I determined to create a medicine so my father can eat whatever he wants. Every day I went to school library to learn about health especially natural medicine. I tried simple experiments at home without helps from others,” she said.

She almost gave up after failed for 15 times  “I did 15 experiments, from trying to manage my father’s diet to juice medicine and therapy. From instance I made a drug from Ciplukan (Physalis angulata). I used its leaves, fruits and roots. Boiled them and gave them to my father. But everything was not as what I hoped for. Then, I tried dried Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa). After he consumed it for a year, there was no result,” she said.

Then, Gita tried Noni juice. However, because Noni didn’t have a good smell, she decided not to use that fruit. “When I was in junior school, I was tired and gave up. Only surrendered to God. Then, I found this silly idea. I was thinking if polio could be cured with polio vaccine, and people that were bitten by snakes could be healed with their venoms, so there was nothing wrong to make research from sugar,” she explained.

Gita explained that in sugar substance, there must be a secret to cure diabetes. What she needed to do was to find a right mix to fix the substance. After extensive research during her junior school, Gita found Kolagit made from sugar cane.

“I tried it to myself. After I tried several times, it tasted like coffee. It has the same brown color like coffee. When I was senior in high school, I published the drug and it was tested preclinical and clinical in Pharmacy lab in USU,” she said.

The test results were good. Six mice with diabetes were healed after they consumed Kolagit.  It was even more effective than regular diabetes drug, Dibin Klamit.

The third child of Bisman Nasution and Lismawarti explained that Kolagit should be consumed after we eat. It is different from other diabetes drugs that should be consumed before people eat. Gita explained that not all people with diabetes lack of insulin hormone. There are some who still have insulin hormone, but it lacks of stimulation.

“The drug works in blood to activate insulin hormone. I was confused since there was no international journal that supported my assumption,” Gita said.

Her father consumed Kolagit regularly for 4.5 years and he was healed. There were others who consumed this drug whether from North Sumatra, Jakarta even Saudi Arabia.  And they were healed as well. Kolagit is claimed to neutralize or lower blood sugar level, improves vision, improves body immune system, tighten skin, improve digestion and as additional energy intake.

To get Kolagit, people should pre-order first. However, Gita has not successfully got patent for her drug. “I tried to go to FDA in North Sumatra. They said I should go to FDA in Jakarta. When I came to Jakarta, I was suggested going to information section. There, they told me that if I wanted to get the patent I needed to have some kind forms of business or collaborated with some businesses,” she said.






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