This Fruit is Home Remedy for Weight Loss


They who like watermelon are lucky. Besides that this fruit looks fresh with tempting red color, a slice of watermelon every day not only can add your water intake, but also helps prevent heart disease.

According to researchers, watermelon can help prevent accumulation of dangerous cholesterol. Besides that, the fruit with black seeds also can help control your weight as well.

Watermelon is natural remedy for weight loss.

Researcher did a study about watermelon benefits for human heart health. Although the research was done to mice, researchers found that mice with high fat that were given watermelon extracts could reduce bad cholesterol in their bodies. As we know, LDL or bad cholesterol can cause clogged arteries and also heart diseases.

Researches from Purdue University, USA proposed that consume watermelon regularly helps control weight, so in the end can reduce fat accumulation in our blood vessels.

Researchers claimed that a compound that called as citrulline in watermelon as a compound that is responsible to reduce heart disease risk. They suggested that to gain watermelon benefits, we can just consume this Citrullus Lanatus. Or we can drink it as juice without sugar or eat it as fruit salad. (Daily Mail)

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