These Foods are Home Remedies for Insomnia


Today, some people complain that they can’t sleep at night. Sleep well for some people is a luxury thing. Whereas, sleep is the time
where body cells including brain cells to recover themselves. There are ways that people do to solve insomnia. One instant solution is to drink pills. Well, there are another alternatives that are safer. You can try these five foods to fight insomnia:

1. Almond


Fresh nuts, especially almond, are considered as powerful foods to help you sleep well. Magnesium that is found in almond prevent you suffer sleep disorder and triggers muscles relaxation. Protein that it has also helps to stabilize blood sugar level while people are sleeping. It is suggested that we eat almond at least 2-3 hours before we sleep.


2. Cereal


Newest study showed that low sugar cereal also can help you sleep better. One of those cereals is cereal with yogurt topping. The combination of both foods can help activate serotonin in brain that responsible to stabilize mood and makes us have quality sleep time. When the serotonin level in our body is higher, we will feel sleepy.


3. Boiled egg


If you awake at midnight and feel hungry, you might should eat something. The right choice is boiled egg. The high protein ingredient in boiled egg help fixes sleep time and maintains body fitness, so it will give you total protection. But, if you suffer high cholesterol, it betters that you eat the egg white.


4. Honey


Add honey on your favorite tea or when you are eating bread. Honey can make huge difference on helping sleep quality. The ‘stimulate sleep’ nature in honey can be a solution for people with insomnia.


5. Popcorn without butter or sugar


Popcorn contains enough carbohydrate that can help to fulfil triptofan (amino acid) intake for brain. Amino acid can be use to produce serotonin that can stimulate you to sleep. So, if you are suffering sleep disorder, you can eat popcorn without butter and sugar before you sleep.

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