These Drinks Should Not be Served Hot

green tea

In cold weather, people normally want to drink something hot. But, apparently, not all drinks can be served hot. Especially if we want to reap the full nutrition benefits of those drinks, we should know whether those drinks can be served warm, hot, normal or cold.

According to Dr. Samuel Oetoro, clinical nutritionist, brew certain drinks with hot water can ruin certain nutrition contents. Here are three drinks that should not be served hot:

1. Green tea

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate as potential antioxidant that can be destroyed when it is served in high temperature. “It is better not to brew tea with hot water, but with water that has temperature about 70 degrees Celsius or less,” Samuel said. He added, to gain maximum benefit of antioxidant in the tea, then each cup requires three grams of tea. If you use tea bag, don’t use it for more than three times for each bag to avoid contamination from the bags.

Besides that, it is better not to keep green tea for more than six months, so its antioxidant content will not be damaged. “Each tea bag can be used about three to five times a day to gain its maximum benefits,” he said.


2. Orange

Orange riches of vitamin C. Vitamin C cannot stand the heat, so it is better not to brew it with hot water. “The best way to serve orange drink is by brewing it with water at room temperature,” Samuel explained.

3. Milk

Milk contains certain protein that can be corrupted when it is brewed with hot water. “Certain proteins in milk can experience denaturing in temperature more than 80 degree Celsius, so it is enough to use warm water,” Samuel, who also a writer of a book “Smart Eating” said to

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