The Right Ways to Treat Skin with Lulur

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The beauty of skin is important for most women. Skin conditions will have huge effects toward their overall appearances. Various ways are done to get smooth and bright skin.

According to research that was done by a natural Asian body scrub company to several women , there were several factors that motivate women  to always look pretty.

Those factors were to increase personal satisfaction and self-esteem, to look feminine, to attract opposite of sex, look attractive in front of friends and family, and because of  job demands also to overcome worries that emerging during aging process.

“Lulur is one of skin treatment that has been known since ancient times,” Wasti Priandjani, Marketing Manager of PT Unza Vitalis said to Viva News.

Just as with face and hair treatments, lulur as a body treatment also should be done with certain ways so we could gain maximum benefits. Here are those ways:

Before shower

According to Wasti, the most effective time to apply lulur is right before we take shower. It is because dirts usually accumulated in skin after all of our activities.

With lulur, the dirts can be cleaned effectively even the dirts on the skin pores.

Besides that,  you don’t have to use soap because lulur has the same function as soap.

Skin should be dry

Skin condition should be dry. When the skin is wet,  scrub will be hard to reach skin pores and clean all dirts on skin.

Massage against gravity

Most women tend to rub their skins while they are using lulur. While, according to Wasti, the correct way is by massaging the skins with circular moves. Besides that , the movements should be against the gravity. This is important because it will make nutrition in lulur can be absorbed effectively by skin. And it will tighten the skin as well.

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