The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables Seeds

health benefits of pomegranate

When people slice fruits or vegetables, they usually find seeds that they just throw away because they think that the seeds are useless. Whereas, seeds from vegetables or fruits can be useful for health.

For example, pumpkin seeds are suggested for people who want to loss their weights. Are there other seeds that useful for our health? Yes, they are. So, here are some seeds of fruits and vegetables and their benefits:

Pumpkin seeds

Since they are low in calorie, pumpkin seeds are good for you who are trying to reduce your weights. The seeds also rich of iron and zinc to strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis and kidney stone. Not only that, pumpkin seeds have anti inflammation property that improve digestion and lower bad cholesterol level in our bodies.

Tomato seeds

Sour taste in tomato contains various health benefits and so do its seeds. The seeds are useful to reduce blood pressures, improve blood circulation, and fight with toxin in body. Tomato seeds can prevent deep vein thrombosis so it can protect your heart. Do you have constipation? Eat tomato seeds to clean your alimentary tract.

Paprika seeds

We should eat paprika with its seeds because the seeds rich of vitamin A, C and K that are effective to fight against aging and enhance blood circulation as well as body immune system. Paprika seeds are also effective to clean your alimentary tract.

Papaya seeds

Did you know papaya health benefits? Then, what are the benefits of its seeds? Apparently the seeds can help you clean your kidney from toxin, detoxifies heart and clean our alimentary tract. Do you have stomach ache or stomach problems? Try to eat one tablespoon of papaya seeds. Or dry the seeds and consume it. They are not only useful for our health, but they also are useful for beauty and make skin smooth and shining.

Pomegranate seeds

health benefits of pomegranate

We also should eat pomegranate with its seeds. Unfortunately some people don’t eat the seeds. Whereas its seeds are very good for people who want to loss their weights. Besides that, it has polyphenol that is effective to prevent cancer, heart diseases and tumor.


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