The Effectiveness of Medicinal Plants Depend on How We Plant Them

Not all herbal that are made from one plant have the same benefits. According to an internist who is also Chief of The Indonesian Medical Association in Herbal Medicines (IMAHM), Arijanto Jonosewojo, the benefits of herbal medicines are depend on how they are planted, harvested and processed.

“For instance, temulawak contains curcumin, it will be different if it is planted in Jakarta than in Java,” Arijanto said in press conference that was held in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (5/4).

Arijanto said that there are specific techniques to extract medicinal plants. For instance, using alcohol or water. Some active substances in certain medicinal plants will work better and effective when they are extracted by using water.

“That was why our ancestors used to boil herbal with water, apparently it was scientifically proven, conventional way to extract plants,” Arijanto explained.

Arijanto said that good herbal medicines are the ones that coming from traditional recipes from our ancestors. “This is because the traditional recipes from the ancestors have been through long times verification process. They are trusted more than recent herbal recipes,” he said.

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