The Danger of Green Tea for Pregnant Mothers

green tea

Sugarless green tea indeed has various benefits for body health. It can prevent flu, improves metabolism and even burns fat if it is drunk after we consume fatty foods. However, if you are pregnant, you should limit your consumption and only drink two glasses of green tea each day. This is because green tea increases the risks of disability in children.

A cancer researcher in UCLA and University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr.Zuo FengZhang recommended that we only consume one or two glasses of green tea every day. This suggestion was for pregnant women or general people.

But, why drinking green tea more than two glasses per day can increase the risk of disability in children? This is because tannin in green tea. Dr. Zuo said that tannin could prevent the absorption of folic acid and important vitamin that eventually caused children born with disabilities.

So, for women who want to get pregnant or are pregnant, they should limit their green tea consumption. “Green tea can disturb absorption of iron, so it is suggested to avoid drinking a glass of green tea while someone is eating. He can drink it after he ate,” Dr. Zuo explained as quoted by News Health.

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