The Benefits Of Turmeric, Java Ginger And Various Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants researcher from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Prof Bambang Pujiasmanto revealed that medicinal plants from Indonesia have the similar benefits like modern drugs or phytopharmaca.

“The benefits and safety of medicines that are made from medicinal plants have been proven by clinical trials,” Bambang said to journalists at Faculty of Agriculture, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, Monday (18/1) as quoted from

Medicinal plants, according to Prof Bambang Pujiasmanto, who is also the dean of Faculty of Agriculture, UNS among others are salam (Syzygium polyanthum, also called Indian bayleaf and Indonesian bayleaf), sambiloto (Green chiretta, Andrographis paniculata), temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza/ Java ginger or Javanese ginger), jati Belanda (Guazuma ulmifolia), mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia or cheese fruit, noni fruit), jambu biji (guava) and red ginger. These medicinal plants are considered equal with modern medicine or phytopharmaca.

For instance, salam, its leaves have benefits to treat diabetes, immunomodulatory and anti-hypertension. Sambiloto can be used as anti-inflammation, anti-microbe and anti-diabetes. Kunyit or turmeric can be used as hepatoprotector, anti-inflammation, and to treat dyspepsia (digestive disorders).

While temulawak is useful for treating digestive disorders and anti-inflammation. Jati Belanda (its leaves) can be used to reduce cholesterol and treat diabetes. Cabe Jawa (long pepper or Indian long pepper) can be used as anabolic and androgenic (its fruits). Mengkudu (its fruits) can be used to treat diabetes, hypertension, and as immonomodulatory. Guava (its leaves) can be used to treat dengue fever and red ginger can treat rheumatism.

“Unfortunately, it is only a few people who know the benefits of these medicinal plants. Whereas all parts of the plants can be used, whether their leaves, barks, roots or flowers,” Bambang said.

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