The Benefits of Rice Aromatic Ginger

home remedy, beras kencur

There is one of home remedy in Indonesia called Beras Kencur. This home remedy is made by a combination of rice (beras) and aromatic ginger/ Kaempferia galanga (kencur) as main ingredients. This natural remedy can be used to cure various diseases and as beauty treatments.

For instance, Beras Kencur can be used to whiten skin, skin tightening and to polish hair. Besides that the natural remedy that is made from aromatic ginger and rice also can be used to increase children appetites, especially if they lose their appetites. Drinking concoction made by Beras Kencur, children can gain healthy appetite so they will eat healthy foods. The concoction is also tasted sweet and has savory smell, so children would like it. And, we don’t have to force them drink this.

Some people believe that this natural remedy can enhance male sexual vitality, cure cough and stomach ulcer as well as fatigue.

home remedy, beras kencur

How to make rice aromatic ginger

It is easy to make the concoction. You should prepare white rice, aromatic ginger, turmeric, palm sugar or sugar, salt, cinnamon. To enhance the aroma, we can add lemon.

a. Aromatic ginger                       : 3 ounces
b. Rice                                              : 3 ounces
c. Palm sugar                                : 1 kg
d. Cinnamon                                 : 1/2 ounces
e. Salt                                          : 1/2 tablespoon
f. Water                                    : 5 liters.

First step is roasting the rice until it is cooked. And, then you should refine it. The last, add all ingredients and boil them in water. You can serve it cold or hot.


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