The Benefits of Noni For Skin Beauty

In Indonesia, mengkudu (noni) fruit is well known for it smells bad. However, there have been many research about the benefits of this fruit.

Noni has many vitamin and minerals that are important for health as well as skin beauty. For example, Selenium in this fruit, which is a great antioxidant. Selenium can soften skin naturally, wrote.

The greenish yellow fruit has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties that are quite strong. Besides that, noni fruit has various antioxidant, one of them is vitamin C.

Antioxidants can fight free radical, which can trigger cells damage caused by various skin problems like acne. Stylecraze wrote that antioxidant in noni fruit could protect skin from acne and help repairing cell damages.
If you want to reap the benefits of noni fruit for your skin beauty, you can try the traditional way. You can make face mask from noni. Blend noni fruit and refine the juice. Use the juice as face mask especially in the areas with acne.

Wait until it dries and then, wash your face with water. If you do this regularly, acne will be reduced. Besides the meat, noni seeds are also useful for the skin beauty. That’s why noni seed extract is used as main ingredient of cosmetic products.

Chief Scientific Fumiyaki Isami from Morinda R&D explained that TeMana, cosmetic product from Japan, was made from noni seed extract. It was done according to research.

“When your skin cells were exposed with AGE (Advanced Gylcation Enproducts), your skin turns dark. Apparently noni seed extract is the only solution that can brighten your skin,” Isami said to Beritagar during TeMana launching in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday (9/4/2017).

Besides that, noni seed extract is powerful to prevent premature aging, as well as regenerate new skin cells and maintain their elasticity and humidity.

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