The Benefits of Jeju Island For Korean Women’s Beauties

Jeju Island is located in South Korea. Besides offering beautiful scenery, this island also has natural wealth that is useful for skin care.

Jeju Island is an island with many benefits There are clean water, soil that rich in volcanic mineral,” Innisfree General Manager of Indonesia Injae Mark Hwang said during Innisfree pre-launch celebration at Jakarta, Indonesia in last February.

Green tea, volcanic mineral and orchids found at Jeju Island are ideal for skin care. Jihan Rizkia, Innisfree Public Relation Assistant Manager explained that Jeju Island is the third largest green tea producers in the world. The quality of green tea inspired

Innisfree to use it as ingredient for its skin care product. The product is serum made from green tea seed that used green tea to moisten facial skin.

Then, Innisfree also offered Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask that was made fromv olcanic scoria from Jeju Island. This product has benefit to reduce facial skin poresand normalizes oil production in skin. There is also Orchid Enriched Cream to fight aging. The cream also used orchids from Jeju as its basic ingredient. Its function tog ive nutrition, reduces wrinkles and smoothen the skin color.

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