The Beauty Treatments Sundanese Women Use

Sunda is one of tribes that lives in West Java, Indonesia. West Java is surrounded by mountain. Since they live on mountain, Sundanese have different appearances than other tribes. Sundanese women are better known for their beauties with bright skins. Some famous female celebrities in Indonesia are Sundanese. You can check it yourself by searching names like Aura Kasih, Raisa, Isyana Sarasvati and many more. So, what are their secrets?

Traditional beauty treatments

Since they live on mountain or are surrounded by mountain, they have main jobs as farmers. Fruits, vegetables and various plants are plenty in Sunda. The Sundanese women use these to maintain their beauties. For instance, they use rice as facial mask. They also use various fruits as ingredients for facial masks.

Using rice steam

Rice is a staple food in Java. Javanese like to steam their rice. So do Sundanese. And this is also their secret to maintain their beauties. If modern women use sauna or spa to maintain their beauties, Sundanese women have traditional sauna, wrote. They like to use steam from rice as their traditional sauna.

It sounds weird, but apparently Sundanese women have been using this method for a long time.

They use organic rice, so the steam from the rice will be safe to use. They also use a special pan for this sauna. Sundanese women do this steam therapy once every week.

We will talk about the rice facial mask in the next article. So, what do you think about this?

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