Temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) Can Protect Liver


Besides to improve body immune system and appetite, temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) is also known as a medicinal plant that is useful to treat hepatitis. More than that, temulawak is also useful for them who consume cholesterol medicine in long-term.

Long-term cholesterol medicine consumption can disturb liver function, said Chief of Polyclinic of Complementary Alternative, Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya, dr Arijanto Jonosewojo, SpPD FINASIM.

According to dr Arijanto, if a patient has high cholesterol level and has been consuming medicines in high dosage, it is better to find herbal medicines rather than to add the dosage. He suggested temulawak as additional therapy.

Temulawak is not only treating hepatitis, but it can lower LDL and improve HDL level as well,” dr Arijanto said in during Press Conference The 1st Natural Wellness Symposium in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuningan, South Jakarta as quoted by Detik.com. Statin that is consumed in long-term can disturb liver. To fix that, people can consume temulawak to help improving HDL level and to protect liver (hepaprotector).

“So liver can be protected from the side-effect of simvastatin that is consumed in long-term. This is a form of combined therapy that is useful,” dr Arijanto said.

So, how about an opinion that herbal medicine likes jamu affects functions of kidney?

“There are no research yet about side-effect of herbal medicines to kidney,” dr Arijanto said. But, he emphasized that before the doctor gives any drugs including herbal, he should know first the condition of liver and kidney that the patient has since every drug will be processed in both organs. That’s why, dr Arijanto emphasized that herbal usage especially that they have been extracted should be tested with toxicology test first to find out the safety level.




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