Tempuyung, Traditional Medicine for Kidney Stone

Of course, we have ever heard about kidney stone where one of its symptoms is severe pain on waist to lower abdomen. Kidney stone itself is solid particle, which looks like gravel in our urinary tract. There are various ways to treat this disease; sometimes people with kidney stone should undergo surgery to remove the stones. That’s why some people eagerly find traditional medicine or jamu to treat kidney stone and to avoid surgery. There is one plant that has been known empirically to treat kidney stone, tempuyung.

What is tempuyung?

Tempuyung or Sonchus arvensis (L) is a plant that has a height of 0.6 to 1.5 meter. It grows wildly in Java, especially in areas that 50 m to 1650 m below sea level and often to have rain. This plant grows well in shade. Its leaves are wide with jagged edge.

jamu tempuyung, home remedy for kidney stone

On chemical test, this plant contains fatty oil with stearic acid, palmitate cerylalchol acid, invert sugar, cholin, wine acid, mannit linosit and bitter substance that is identical with lactucerol.

In traditional usage, Indonesians have been using the juice from tempuyung leaf to treat kidney stone, lower blood pressure, reduce swell, and treat colic.

Heal kidney stone with tempuyung

Tempuyung‘s benefit for people with kidney stones apparently can be proven scientifically. From in vitro research that was done by Prof.Dr. Sarjito by soaking human kidney stone in tempuyung juice in the room temperature and 37 Celsius temperature. Some stones were shaken by imitating human movements and there were stones that were just laid done. After certain time, those stones were wondered and the calcium level was calculated. The result was shocking since both stones were reduced.

However, he couldn’t find which substance that was responsible to dissolve or broke the kidney stones. It was predicted that high potassium content was the substance that could break kidney stone. This potassium from tempuyung leaf made kidney stone that was made from calcium carbonate scattered because potassium would replace calcium to join carbonate. So, the kidney stone would not be formed. And, because the stone was being smaller, it could go out from the kidney through urinary tract.

How to use tempuyung to treat kidney stone:

-Wash 5 leaves of tempuyung leaves. Steam it for a while. After that, you can use it as salad. You can use these leaves as a part of salad at least three times a day.

– Pour out 500 mg of tempuyung powder to one glass of hot water just like when you make tea. You can drink this concoction 3 times a day.

Source: Dr. Wiwid Ekasari, Apt. MSi

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