The Benefits of Jeju Island For Korean Women’s Beauties

Jeju Island is located in South Korea. Besides offering beautiful scenery, this island also has natural wealth that is useful for skin care. “Jeju Island is an island with many benefits There are clean water, soil that rich in volcanic mineral,” Innisfree General Manager of Indonesia Injae Mark Hwang said during Innisfree pre-launch celebration at Jakarta, Indonesia in last […]

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Side-Effect of Rosella Tea


Maybe you are familiar with Rosella tea. The tea is spread widely to tropical and subtropical countries and people can easily get Rosella tea in various places around the world. It is usually planted as a fiber plant or a vegetable. The tea is made from red flower Rosella, and is believed to improve stamina. […]

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9 Herbal To Prevent Wrinkles and Rejuvenate Skin Part 2


The desire to look young and healthy has been existed since centuries. For instance,  ancient Egyptians were willing to soak themselves in mud because they were sure it could tighten their skins. While in ancient Indonesia, people believed wells or waterfalls contained mystical ingredients that helped people stayed young. Sadly, the desire to remain ageless […]

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