Curcumin in Temulawak and Turmeric Can Protect Liver

In therapeutic treatment for liver disease, herbal medicines are often used as supporting therapies. Gastroenterohepatology consultant at RSCM dr Irsan Hasan SpPD-KGEH gave some examples of those herbal were temulawak (curcuma xanthorrhiza) or Java ginger and turmeric. But Irsan noted that curcumin usage couldn’t just eradicate Hepatitis B virus. “Curcumin cannot destroy the virus, but […]

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The Benefits Of Turmeric, Java Ginger And Various Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants researcher from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Prof Bambang Pujiasmanto revealed that medicinal plants from Indonesia have the similar benefits like modern drugs or phytopharmaca. “The benefits and safety of medicines that are made from medicinal plants have been proven by clinical trials,” Bambang said to journalists at Faculty of Agriculture, Solo, Central Java, […]

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Inspired by Jamu, Metta Created JUARA Skin Care in the U.S

juara skin care

Inspired by jamu, an Indonesian who lived in New York, Metta Murdaya then created high class skin care products that used natural ingredients. “We use Indonesian natural ingredients such as kemiri (hazelnut), rice, tea, turmeric, but we also combined them with American technology,” Metta Murdaya, co-founder of JUARA skin scare, said in New York to […]

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6 Health Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is a spice that is often to use to give yellow color naturally in foods. More than that, turmeric apparently has various health benefits. Here are six health benefits of turmeric: 1. Treat stomach problems Heartburn or other abdominal pains can be treated with turmeric. According to research in 1989, turmeric supplement can be […]

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Jamu Sinom To Treat Constipation

tamarind homemade mask

Jamu Sinom is Javanese traditional beverage that has been available since the era of Javanese kingdoms. This beverage is made from water, Tamarind and young Tamarind leaves, palm sugar and turmeric. This jamu has a dark yellow color and can be preserved for 7 days without using any artificial preservatives. You can add ice cube […]

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How Indonesian Women Maintain Their Beauties

homemade body scrub

Indonesia rich with cultures including traditional health and beauties treatments that have been passed down from generation to generation. Using these traditional and natural ingredients, Indonesian women maintain their beauties. So, what are the traditional beauty treatments that they use? Ratus Reportedly, Ken Dedes, the woman that was adored by men and made Tunggul Ametung […]

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