How to Make Parem Beras Kencur

home remedy, beras kencur

The word parem usually refers to a paste or pulp that is applied on parts of body that are hurt, sore or require treatment. So, parem is traditional paste medicine for external use. Parem Beras Kencur (Beras= rice, kencur= aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga) like its name is made from rice and aromatic ginger as main […]

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Avocado as Home Remedy

avocado, natural remedy

Apparently, avocado has many benefits for our health. We can use it for its┬ádiuretic property or as anti-bacteria. There are various diseases that can be handled by its leaf or meat. Avocado leaf as home remedy for kidney stone Take 7 leaves of fresh avocado and boil them in a glass of hot water. Drink […]

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