Side-Effects and Dangers of Ratus Spa

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Ratus is traditional treatment for female sex organs. Ratus is believed can heal various vaginal diseases, tighten vagina as well improve women fertility. To do this treatment, you will be asked to sit on a special chair. There is a hole in the center of the chair. Ratus potion is boiled and is put on […]

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How Balinese Women Maintain Their Beauties?


Traditional treatment apparently is not only available in Java only, each place in Indonesia has its own traditional way to treat beauty. For example, Borneo is well known for its cold powder to maintain women beauties. So, how about Bali? How do Balinese women maintain their beauties? Face Balinese women mostly have bright, tight and […]

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List of Celebrities with Luxurious Beauty Treatments

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Apparently each celebrity has her own special beauty treatment. Some celebrities spend hundred to thousand dollars for their beauty treatment, while some others are well known for their weird treatments. Here are some celebrities with their treatments as quoted from Vemale: Mila Kunis As a famous celebrity with high income, Mila Kunis really spoils herself […]

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