This Natural Oil Can Heal Aches and Sores

Spices, and natural oils have been used for centuries for various purposes. Among others are for medicines, foods, and etc. One of pharmacy teachers at SMK Kesehatan Citra Medika Sukoharjo, Gatak, Central Java, Indonesia, Emi Darmastuti said that she finally found herbal rub medicine that can heal various diseases. It is made from natural ingredients […]

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How to Make Parem Beras Kencur

home remedy, beras kencur

The word parem usually refers to a paste or pulp that is applied on parts of body that are hurt, sore or require treatment. So, parem is traditional paste medicine for external use. Parem Beras Kencur (Beras= rice, kencur= aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga) like its name is made from rice and aromatic ginger as main […]

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Home Remedy for Shingles

Patah Tulang plant

Shingles is caused by virus Varicella Zooster that lives in roots of nerves. For people that ever suffered chickenpox when they were children, so this virus never completely leave after the disease gone. Some viruses still live in roots of nerves. They don’t cause any damage (yet). But when our body defense system weak, these […]

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