Avocado, Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Secret

Do you want to know what is the beauty secret of Victoria Beckham? Apparently, the wife of David Beckham doesn’t use expensive product, or famous beauty products to make her look fresh and beautiful. Even though she always looks glamorous, apparently Victoria Beckham prefers to use natural ingredients to maintain her beauty. One of those […]

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Honey, Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret

kate middleton

Honey has been believed for long time as a super food. It is also believed to be able to maintain women beauty. As quoted by DailyMail, there are many world celebrities use honey as a part of their homemade beauty treatment. Among them are Anne Hathaway, Dannii Minogue and Victoria Beckham. Kate Middleton, which is […]

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Home Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry skin affects our appearance and can cause low self-esteem. That’s why we should treat it regularly. If we don’t, it likely  fractures and exfoliate. Fortunately, there are some natural remedy that we can try to restore skin’s smoothness and flexibility. Here, are five steps that can be alternatives to treat dry skin: Avoid hot […]

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