Can Herbal Medicine Cure Cancer?

People start turning to alternative medicine to treat cancer. But, is it effective? What do doctors say about this? According to dr. Elisna Syahruddin, PhD, Sp. P(K) at RS Persahabatan, Jakarta standard treatment for lung cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immuno-oncology drugs. “There are no scientific evidence yet that herbal medicine can […]

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White Turmeric to Treat Cancer

white turmeric

Herbal medicine now is an alternative of conventional medicine. Herbal is not only believed to cure regular diseases, but also to treat tumor and cancer. Eko Wahjuni had proven the benefit of herbal medicine for cancer. Wahjuni was a doctor who had cancers in her breasts, small intestines and bladder. She only consumed white turmeric […]

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Health Benefits of Melon


Melon belongs to pumpkin family or Cucurbitaceae. Like watermelon, it can be consumed fresh or as an ingredient of fruit ice. The part that we consume is its meat (mesocarp). It has soft texture and various colors from white to red, depends on its cultivar. What people don’t realize is that besides its sweet taste, […]

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