Can Pasak Bumi (Longjack/Eurycoma longifolia) Improve Men’s Libido?

Certain herbs are considered useful to improve men’s libido. In Indonesia, there are purwaceng (Pimpinella pruatjan) and pasak bumi (longjack/Euricoma longifolia). Is it true that these herbs are useful to improve men’s libido? Herbalist, dr Abrijanto SB, MSi said that several literature mentioned that longjack or pasak bumi had Aphrodisiac properties. This herb has ability […]

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Massive Explorations, Purwaceng (Pimpirella pruatjan) Scarce


Massive explorations that are done by certain parties to purwaceng plant make the plant, which is believed to improve men’s sexual performance, to be scarce and protected by Indonesian government. Even jamu manufacturers that want to use purwaceng as a main ingredient should have their own purwaceng gardens. “Purwaceng is a scarce plant, it is […]

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