Jamu Kunyit Asam (Turmeric Tamarind) to Reduce Body Odor

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Body odor is not just annoying for people because it smells, but it also can cost our reputations whether in workplaces or social lives. This is because people who have body odors seem like people who are not maintaining their personal hygiene well. It also makes us fell less confidence as well. Take a bath […]

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What is Indonesian Traditional Medicine?

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is medicine made from natural ingredients such as plants, parts of animals, minerals or combinations of these ingredients that are being processed traditionally. Indonesian traditional medicine has been used for generations for medical purposes. Types of Indonesian Traditional Medicines According to Dr. Abidinsyah Siregar, DHSM, M.Kes, Director of Bina Pelayanan Kesehatan Traditional, Alternatif […]

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