How Balinese Women Maintain Their Beauties?


Traditional treatment apparently is not only available in Java only, each place in Indonesia has its own traditional way to treat beauty. For example, Borneo is well known for its cold powder to maintain women beauties. So, how about Bali? How do Balinese women maintain their beauties? Face Balinese women mostly have bright, tight and […]

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Simple Ways to Remove Black Spots

Black spots on face make people feel less confidence about their appearance. But, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be removed. The good news is that we don’t have to use expensive products to remove black spots. There are some natural ingredients, which we can find in our own kitchens that we can use to […]

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Health Benefits of Jackfruit

nutritional values of jackfruit

Jackfruit is a quite unique tropical fruit. Its skin is thorny, while there are beautiful fibers inside. Those fibers are its meat wrapped with sticky sap. It has unique smell and tastes quite sweet. Jackfruit contains many vitamin, mineral and fiber. What are nutrition values that this fruit has? As quoted from, here are […]

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