Homemade Clove Facial Mask to Cure Acne


Who doesn’t know clove? The spice, which is originally from Indonesia (and is popular in Europe), apparently is useful for our skin health. One of its benefits is to remove acne because clove has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. So, how can we make our homemade clove facial mask? Follow this instruction: 1. Mix clove oil […]

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Honey, Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret

kate middleton

Honey has been believed for long time as a super food. It is also believed to be able to maintain women beauty. As quoted by DailyMail, there are many world celebrities use honey as a part of their homemade beauty treatment. Among them are Anne Hathaway, Dannii Minogue and Victoria Beckham. Kate Middleton, which is […]

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